Meals at Riad Houdou

Traditional Moroccan cuisine

Do not hesitate to ask Rania to prepare her specialties before 11am. With fresh products of the day selected on the market, she will cook a typical and tasty Moroccan dinner with simmered dishes that you will find hard to find in restaurants.

Based on family and local recipes, his meals are composed of traditional dishes: the inevitable chicken couscous seffa passing for the inventive richness of his tajines creations or tanjia the specialty of Marrakech, lamb or beef cooked for 6 hours in an amphora.

Homemade pastries that you will have the opportunity to enjoy on your arrival with a mint tea, basboussas and pastilla milk will satisfy gourmands.

And vegetarians will not be forgotten, with a choice of special menus on request.
An unforgettable culinary discovery according to our guests!

Ideas for composing your menu together

19,50 euros: Starter, main course, dessert, filtered water and mint tea included.

17 euros: Main course, dessert, filtered water and mint tea included.

  • - Vegetables cooked with spices (chuchouka, zaalouk, zucchini, beans ...)
  • - M'hancha (vegetable pastilla twist)
  • - Trio briouates (meat, cheese and vegetables) on Moroccan salad
  • - Confit aubergines
  • - Iftour harira with dates
  • - Cream of Eggplant Soup
  • - Lamb M'rouzia
  • - Chicken tajine with dates
  • - Chicken R'fissa
  • - Tanjia marrakchia baked in the oven of the hammam
  • - Makfoul beef
  • - Pastilla with seafood or chicken
  • - Green Couscous
  • - Lamb tajine with fresh figs and walnuts
  • - Stuffed chicken legs
  • - Tagine of sardine dumplings
  • - Pastilla with milk and almonds
  • - Ouarzazate tart and fresh mint granita
  • - Crêpes with dried fruit cream
  • - Basboussa with fruit granita
  • - Carrot salad with orange blossom
  • - Tajine of seasonal fruits